Karin Ashley, NP

Integrative and Functional Women's Health

healthy women - healthy families - healthy world

Your body's ability to heal is far greater than you've been led to believe.

Hi! I'm Karin Ashley, a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

and Health Consultant

I believe that healthy women promote a healthy world. I believe that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. I believe that our bodies were made to heal, given the right support. I believe that you can feel better. I'm passionate about getting women the tools and support they need to make small changes, with a big impact.

I'm trained in conventional, integrative and functional women's health, but I'm also a wife, a mother of six, a sister, and a friend. I get it, and I'm here to help.

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What I do


Concierge women's health coaching


Couples-based 1:1 fertility consulting


Online Learning -

HOPEFUL:Integrative Fertility


Test, Don’t Guess.

Do you just want to run a test or two and get an expert opinion?

We offer individual specialty testing and interpretation options for:

Hormone Testing

-Urine metabolite hormone test: DUTCH Complete, DUTCH cycle mapping, HuMap ($250-$500)

-Comprehensive Thyroid Panel ($150)

-Adrenal Health (Adrenocortex Stress Profile ($230)


-GrowBaby Genetic Test

-Comprehensive stool analysis:GI Effects, GI Map ($415-$550)

-Vaginal microbiome (JunoBio) ($200)

-Micronutrient analysis: (Metabolomix+, Metabolomic Spotlight) ($300-$400)

Overall Wellness

"-Well Woman comprehensive annual screening ($200-$300)

--Comprehensive Stool Analysis for gut health ($415-$550)

-Mold & Mycotoxin antibody testing ($485)

--Hair mineral, heavy metal, and toxin analysis ($180)

Investment includes both cost of test and 1:1 virtual interpretation appointment.

Discount will be applied for more than one test.

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Integrative Medicine practitioners view every person as a whole

- mind, body, & spirit -

and utilize various approaches to treat the root cause of illness

Happy Clients

“This is exactly what I needed, looking forward to implementing the suggestions and recommendations you have given me!

Thank you again!"

"Karin has provided trustworthy and valuable guidance to improve my overall health over the past 5 years. She creates a warm, welcoming, and compassionate environment to listen to your concerns"

"I am expecting my first baby in June. The help and support Karin has given me throughout my pregnancy has been invaluable. The knowledge she shared has aided me in making the best decisions for my baby and myself."

Contact me


IG: @karinashleynp